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About Us

  • 00:30 Popular Recommend By Parents

    Recommend By Parents

    Many of the parents at our nursery highly regard us, and have great confidence in our skills as care givers

  • 00:35 Popular Happy Children

    Happy Children

    We make sure your children are as happy as can be whilst in our care

  • 00:35 Popular Confident Children

    Confident Children

    All of our children are confident and well behaved so that they can learn as well as have fun

  • 00:37 Popular An Amazing Garden

    An Amazing Garden

    Our garden has many amazing facilities for our children to play with

  • 00:35 Popular A Good Nursery

    A Good Nursery

    We ensure that your children are in a safe, happy environment in which to thrive

  • 00:37 Popular A Glimpse Of Montessori

    A Glimpse Of Montessori

    Watch as children love to learn and be creative so that are ready for the school years ahead